Company Registration in Thillai Nagar Trichy

The registration of a company implies that you are steadily standing in the market of business and giving the best competition to the competitors. As per Companies Act 2013, all the companies, like private company, public company, OPC and several other types of companies are registered by the Company registration in Trichy. Registering the company not only brings status of legality also brings the credibility to the business, so marketing and branding purposes are taken as a strategy to build up the business. The registration of the startup is also necessary. The startups means new establishments of the business is called the start ups. They have great long time to evolve and improve the business. The prime Minister of India is very keen in encouraging the start-ups in India.

Registering process of start-ups

The start-ups need to be registered. Even if it is a cottage industry, it should be registered. The MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) keeps the track of all registered companies. Recently the INC- 29 has been introduced so that the company registration is Trichy is now quick and easy. So now the process is the DSC of the directors, Form INC-29 and soon after this the incorporation certificate is obtained. The readers may wonder what the INC-29 contains. The INC-29 has the following contents. They are: DIN (Director Identification Number), name approval, MOA, AOA, the office verification of the registered office and the appointment letters and the declarations. Through a normal process it takes 10-15 days of the time when all particular documents are received, and through fast approval that is through INC-29 form the registration is of 4-5 days. Minimum two directors and two shareholders are required for the company registration. The Director is defined as the person who is directly involved in the day-to-day affairs of the business and if he takes the responsibility of the business. They are the natural owners and only the individuals can become the directors of the business. Shareholders are defined as the people who invest the money in the company. They do not take part in the day-to-day business and they have the voting rights states the company registration in Trichy.

The details of the Director should be defined. The details are educational qualification of all the directors, with area of the operation the occupation of the directors, citizenship and the residential status of all the directors, place of birth of all directors, permanent and present address of all the directors, contact number and the e-mail id s of all the directors must be mentioned. Let us see all the benefits of the various companies prevailing from the viewpoint of company registration in Trichy.

Benefit of the private limited company

The private limited is the most common and suitable form of the entity. It forms a separate legal entity from the others. The business can be done through investment of the equity shares in the business. It has limited liability, greater stability and the strongest growth in the market. The expansion and the perpetual succession are achieved. The transferability of the shares is also very easy.

 Benefit of the public limited company

The company registration in Trichy states that the public limited company invites the public to invest and the shares can be divided among the public. Accounts must be filed within the 6 months of the year end. The secretary of the company should be a qualified person. There are many chances for better access to the capital, the shareholders are able to buy and sell the shares and so there is liquidity of in the business. Also the value of the shares is shown as the capitalization of the company. The company has more prestigious profile.

Benefits of OPC

The company registration in Trichy explains that the One Person Company can also act as person and take over the reins of the company which can happen in the event of death and insolvency of the company. It can be nominated by the stockholders. The market values are able to obtain in the OPC as that of the private limited company. It becomes popular among the bank so that the fund rising through loans have become easier. The return filing becomes easy. The secretary of the company is not required in case of OPC.

Benefits of LLP

The company registration in Trichy states that the LLP is very easy to establish. The formation charges are at low cost only. The minimum number of partners is 2 and maximum number of partners is 200. In this case of LLP the liability is limited, which means, the personal asset cannot be touched by the government. The auditing is not compulsory. If the turnover is less than 40 lakhs and the investment is less than 25 lakhs the LLP is required to audit. The compliance level for the LLP is less. It acts as a separate legal entity. The transferability of the shares is easy states the company registration in Trichy.


Company registration in Trichy explains about the firm. It is similar to the company but it differs from company as it is registered under partnership act. Most of the firms are involved in rendering the professional services. There is no separate legal structure in case of the firms. And also there is no perpetual succession. Like a company a firm is not an artificial person. The profit is divided among the equity partners. The registration of the firm is voluntary and not compulsory. The dissolution of the firm happens if any of the partners die, whereas the company will have the dissolution only by the law. There is no minimum requirement in case of the firm. Also the firm cannot enter into the contracts. The maximum number of partners is 100 in case of the firm. And to be clear there is no perpetual succession. The company registration in Trichy is always there to assist you in getting the registration done as per the law.

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